UpFlow Brewing Co | Ultra Pale Lager | Non Alcoholic Beer | Craft Beer | Hypotonic | Australian Made

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UpFlow Brewing Co | Ultra Pale Lager | Non Alcoholic Beer | Craft Beer | Hypotonic | Australian Made

Looking for that sneaky beer after a gym session? UpFlow has you covered with the Ultra Pale Lager. Refreshing, hypotonic with added magnesium (Magnesium is well known to help reduce muscle cramps). Crisp, clean with a hydrating refreshing zing. Has half the calories as soft drink or alcoholic beer. This could be the post sesh drink for you. Best served chilled.

Also perfect for miners, and labourers after having a big day sweltering in the heat - but no risk of blowing over 


  • Aussie Made
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Preservative Free
  • No Added Sugar

Some Help With Definitions
What is the difference between non-alcoholic, dealcoholized or alcohol free?

These terms all mean different things in different areas of the world.

Non-alcoholic: These have basically no alcohol in them but there may be traces of alcohol (0.5% ABV or less). There are traces of alcohol in things we consumer everyday such as pineapple, orange juice and occasionally bread. This is an exceptionally small amount of alcohol, and it's really not possible for the average human to feel any impact of the alcohol.

Alcohol-Free: Alcohol-free will always be your best bet if you are unsure what alternative is right for you. If a product is classified on the bottle as alcohol-free or as having 0% alcohol, that means there is no alcohol in the product.

De-alcoholised: is generally removing all or some of the alcohol from a beverage prior to being pasteurised and bottled.

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