The Monday Experience | Taste the Range

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The Monday Experience | Taste the Range

We've made it easier to find your favourite Monday Distillery Drink. Create your own Monday experience with Rat Dog Drinks. 

The range includes

1 x Monday Distillery - Dark & Stormy - Expect a firey ginger beer, lime and rum flavoured combination
1 x Monday Distillery - Dram Sour - Smokey malt taste with native Kakadu plum for a refined twist.
1 x Monday Distillery - Dram & Dry - Smokey malt whiskey flavour with hints of ginger and oak extract 
1 x Monday Distillery - Exotic Spice - Made with gindulgent botanicals cinnamon, nutmeg with a tonic twist
1 x Monday Distillery - G&T -  Full of botanicals with hints of sea salt, rosemary, cinchona bark and juniper 
1 x Monday Distillery - Paloma - Flavours of grapefruit, passion fruit, yuzu and finger lime. 

Some Help With Definitions
What is the difference between non-alcoholic, dealcoholized or alcohol free?

These terms all mean different things in different areas of the world.

Non-alcoholic: These have basically no alcohol in them but there may be traces of alcohol (0.5% ABV or less). There are traces of alcohol in things we consumer everyday such as pineapple, orange juice and occasionally bread. This is an exceptionally small amount of alcohol, and it's really not possible for the average human to feel any impact of the alcohol.

Alcohol-Free: Alcohol-free will always be your best bet if you are unsure what alternative is right for you. If a product is classified on the bottle as alcohol-free or as having 0% alcohol, that means there is no alcohol in the product.

De-alcoholised: is generally removing all or some of the alcohol from a beverage prior to being pasteurised and bottled.

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