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Gift Certificates / Gift Cards / Gift Vouchers

Can multiple gift vouchers be used in one transaction? - Yes multiple gift vouchers can be used on one order.
Can gift vouchers be used in conjunction with discount codes? - Yes they can, gift vouchers are treated as a type of payment, so should have no impact on the discounts applied to an order.
Can they be transferred? - The code given to a customer is not locked to that email address and as such could be used by anyone, assuming the gift voucher still has credit and is used before the expiry date. 
Is there a limit to how many vouchers can be purchased at one time? - No
Can you refund a gift voucher? - No, unfortunately gift certificates are not redeemable or refundable for cash
What happens if I loose the code for my voucher? - Please contact our Customer Service Team who will be able to find your code.
Do gift certificates expire? Yes, after 365 days (1 year) the gift voucher will expire.

Discount codes cannot be applied when purchasing an gift voucher.


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