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Based on the Northside of Brisbane and founded in 2020 - year of the virus, Meg and Nik launched Rat Dog Drinks - The Australian Online Non-Alcoholic Drink Specialists. We're dedicated to bringing Australia the best non alcoholic drinks that you could ask for. From non alcoholic spirits, wine, spirits, gin and much more, there's something for everyone. We believe that the availability of Non Alcoholic drinks can make gatherings or events a more socially inclusive environment for many, which is why we started Rat Dog Drinks in the first place!

Meet Nik

Nik loves to have a good time - but is a bit of a cadbury - glass and a half on the beer (sometimes less, just quietly), and can drink like a fish on the bourbon - especially American Honey, Nik's also is a mad keen surfer. So whilst being drunk for a wee while is awesome, feeling crook & hungover the next day - missing out on the best time to surf is not. Nik loves a good non-alcoholic cider, has a passion for zero alcohol craft beer, and will always be the first to open the mock wines.

Meet Meg

Meg is a somewhat reformed party animal. Been there, done everything and got the bands t-shirt. Metal.. and all things heavy is her jam, but hitting her dirty 30's and after not being able to survive the aftermath of a night getting slaughtered on the pi$$, Meg realised she's burning daylight on her precious days off. Megan loves a good non-alcoholic pale ale, has a taste for mocktails, and is particularly fond of the spiced rum alternatives right now.

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